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Sleep Dentistry

Sleep Dentistry In Melbourne

Fear and anxiety about visiting the dentist affect many adults and children in Australia; pain free dentistry (or sleep dentistry) can alleviate these concerns and ensure everyone receives the dental care they need.

Avoiding or delaying your visit to the dentist can worsen problems and lead to pain, infections and even tooth loss. Toorak Dental Studio is passionate about providing a soothing, comfortable environment that puts even the most nervous patients at ease and makes every dentist experience a positive one. If you’re feeling worried about oral treatment, talk to us about sedation dentistry in our Melbourne clinic.


For pain-free dental treatment in Melbourne

Suitable for complex treatments, patients with a low pain threshold and sufferers of dental fear, TDS offers pain-free dentistry for a calm, relaxing experience. We offer general anaesthetic for the complete sleep dentistry experience, and IV sedation for patients that have conditions that restrict them from going under general anaesthetic. Our services are always personal and sympathetic, so just let your dentist know how you’re feeling and we’ll discuss the best options to ensure you’re always able to access the highest standard of dental care in Melbourne. Whether for advance appointments or for emergency dentistry, our sleep dentistry techniques use state-of-the-art equipment and the latest approved processes.


What you need to know about sedation dentistry

Sleep dentistry (also called sedation dentistry, or pain-free dentistry), describes a range of processes that ease patient anxiety and increase comfort when undergoing complex procedures. 

There is a range of sedation options available, and the selected one depends on the individual patient and the complexity of the treatment. This includes:

  • Mild sedation, where the patient doesn’t go to sleep but is relaxed
  • Moderate sedation (previously called conscious sedation) that reduces the patient’s memory of the experience
  • Deep sedation brings patients to the edge of consciousness
  • General anaesthesia makes patients completely unconscious; there will be no memory of the procedure

Most private health insurance plans cover parts of the cost of dental work. This is often included in your “extras” cover and depends on the level of cover you’ve taken out.

Some health funds may allow claims against general anaesthetic or sleep dentistry procedures; check with your individual provider before the treatment to discuss rebates or assistance.

The cost of sleep dentistry is determined by the length of time and the type of treatment the patient undergoes. You’ll be provided with a tailored quote before starting your treatment - but remember that some of this might be rebatable through your private health fund.

The cost is broken up into three components:

  1. The dental treatment itself
  2. The cost of the general anaesthesia
  3. The specialist anaesthetist fee

We have interest-free payment plans available at Toorak Dental Studio, such as DentiCare, to help make the cost more manageable.

There are different types of sedation dentistry processes available, and the chosen method depends on your dentist as well as your individual needs. 

You may receive an oral sedative to make you feel more relaxed and content, and your dentist will advise on how and when to take it. The other option is nitrous oxide which will be supplied by your dentist. There may be certain medications you need to avoid before the treatment, and you may have to fast for several hours prior.

Upfront Treatment Plans

Up-front treatment plans tailored to your needs and dental goals.

Interest-free Payment Solutions

DentiCare and other flexible payment plans available.

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Appointments are available for urgent dental work.

Reducing dentistry pain for over 35 years

Since we started up over 35 years ago, we’ve never lost sight of our commitment to provide a comfortable, relaxing dental experience that puts even the most nervous patients at ease. Our warm and welcoming environment is family-run, making it a leading choice in Melbourne for children’s dental work and more complex treatments such as wisdom tooth extractions and TMJ treatments.

What to expect from sleep therapy

We do everything we can to help patients overcome their fear, so you can maintain optimal oral health. Pain-free dental techniques ease patients into a relaxed, dream-like state to increase comfort and ensure limited or no memory of the procedure. We’ll talk you through the process and you’ll be able to answer any questions you have about our sedation dentistry services.

A warm, welcoming service

Our friendly dentists make every visit an enjoyable experience.

State-of-the-art technology

We’re committed to ongoing training and up-to-date technology.

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We have a range of solutions to make anxious patients feel at-ease.

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