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Tooth Extractions

Dental Extractions

If a tooth is severely damaged or decayed, or you’re suffering from an infection, a surgical tooth extraction might be the fastest road to recovery.

While we do everything we can to save damaged teeth at Toorak Dental Studio, there are some cases where extraction is the best course of treatment. It’s our number one priority to ensure our patients feel at ease, so rest assured we have procedures in place to ensure the process is as comfortable and pain-free as possible. For fast relief from a tooth that’s bothering you, book an appointment for a tooth extraction procedure at Toorak Dental Studio.


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Teeth don’t always last a lifetime, and when things go wrong with your oral care, you want a general dental specialist that is passionate about the long-term health and look of your mouth. We understand that the thought of tooth removal can be scary – which is why we take extra steps to make you feel relaxed and comfortable and keep discomfort to a minimum. Whether we need to extract due to severe tooth pain or problems with your wisdom teeth, you can rest assured that our team is excellent at what they do, and your experience will be as straight-forward as possible.


Tooth Extraction FAQS

Sometimes tooth extraction or infected tooth removal is unavoidable, and we understand that many patients are concerned about the pain or discomfort that could be involved with the procedure. 

It’s natural to feel pressure during the removal of a tooth, but the intensity depends on the type of extraction needed and your own pain threshold. We can minimise discomfort using local anaesthesia to numb the area, and sedation anaesthesia is available to help patients relax. Speak to your dentist if you’re feeling concerned or anxious.

There are three types of tooth extraction procedures: simple, sectional and surgical tooth extractions.

A surgical extraction is the most complicated of the three; it involves the removal of teeth that are not visible (i.e. below the gum line.) An extraction specialist or oral surgeon will need to make an incision in the gum, and use a tool to remove bone tissue to loosen and remove the tooth. This type of extraction may require a general anaesthetic, depending on its complexity.

Following a dentist tooth removal, it’s natural to experience bleeding and clotting within a few minutes. Some patients may experience post-extraction bleeding which can last 8-12 hours; call your dentist and arrange an emergency appointment if this happens.

Reduce any post-treatment stress by following our aftercare instructions. This might include taking pain killers at the recommended dose, using an ice pack for limited periods of time, and biting down on gauze for 1-2 hours after your appointment.

Not all adults require tooth removal before they can start the teeth straightening process, though this isn’t uncommon. Following an oral examination, we may advise on having one or more teeth removed before we measure you for braces. This could be because your mouth is overcrowded, a tooth is severely damaged or you have severe overbite.


Every patient is different and if we can find an alternative to tooth extraction, we will. We’ll create a tailored treatment plan to ensure your orthodontic treatment is a complete success.

Upfront Treatment Plans

We build tailored treatment plans for optimal outcomes.

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Interest-free payment plans such as DentiCare available.

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Appointments are available for urgent dental work.

Do you need to have a tooth extracted?

If your tooth is severely decayed or damaged, and the trauma cannot be addressed with fillings or sealants, your dentist may advise surgical extraction. Similarly, an infection or an overcrowded mouth can mean that removing one or multiple teeth is the best option. Just ignoring the problem can make it worse, so book a consultation with Toorak Dental Studio’s friendly staff to diagnose and treat any oral complaints.

Personal care for our anxious patients

It’s of paramount importance that our patients feel calm during their dentist visits, and we go above and beyond to deliver a friendly, warm and sympathetic service. If you feel particularly anxious about surgical tooth extraction, this is completely normal, and we can offer tailored solutions to ease your nerves and ensure your experience is as smooth and comfortable as it can be.

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