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Emergency Dental

Emergency Dentist in Melbourne

Need urgent medical attention? Book a same-day appointment with our Melbourne emergency dentists for fast, effective care.

We can’t always prepare for emergencies, but you can limit the damage by seeking emergency dental care as early as possible. We reserve booking space to make room for same-day appointments, so if you feel like you might need assistance fast, remain calm and give us a call so we can assess the situation together.


Emergency dental care when you need it most

Don’t hesitate to call TDS to request a same-day appointment if you suspect you need emergency dental care. In most cases, an urgent appointment is necessary if you have severe tooth, gum or jaw pain, a broken or chipped tooth, a tooth that’s been knocked out, or an abscess or dental infection. We can provide emergency dental appointments for children, and for those suffering with anxiety, we have pain free dentistry techniques available to help ease your discomfort.


Protecting your teeth to avoid dental emergencies

Realistically, no one wants to spend more time than necessary at the dentist. You can avoid dental emergencies by maintaining high levels of oral hygiene and avoiding putting added pressure on your teeth – such as opening food packets with them. While you can’t guarantee complete protection for your teeth, consider wearing a mouthguard if engaging in certain sports.

How to book a same-day appointment

If a dental emergency does arise, rest in the knowledge that our Melbourne emergency dentists are trained in these matters and can provide fast, effective relief to minimise any damage to your mouth. Call us at your earliest opportunity on (03) 9804 7710 to seek immediate treatment.

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What you need to know about emergency dentistry

In some cases, the need for a root canal is classed as an emergency. This occurs when a tooth becomes infected the following decay and, without efficient treatment, this infection can spread and can trigger the need for an extraction.

If you’re experiencing pain or swelling of the face or gums, do not delay. Our emergency dentists can carry out root canals and can offer same-day appointments 6 days a week.

Wisdom tooth removal can be classed as an emergency in some cases. If your wisdom teeth have only partially erupted, this can lead to the formation of gum flaps, which leaves parts of the teeth exposed. When food particles get stuck in these flaps, it can cause the build-up of bacteria and can lead to infections.

If you think you may have a wisdom tooth infection, call us immediately. You can ease the pain in the meantime with warm salt water.

Emergency dentists offer an essential service for patients experiencing acute pain, dental trauma, infections and other serious conditions. If you fall under any of these categories, call an emergency dentist as early as possible to stop the situation from worsening.

If you’re not sure if it’s an emergency - call your dentist anyway. They’ll be able to make an assessment over-the-phone and can advise whether you need a same-day appointment.

Generally speaking, a filling is not classed as an emergency dental treatment. This is a general dentistry procedure that can be carried out at your earliest convenience - although we recommend visiting a dentist as soon as possible with any oral complaints, or you risk worsening the problem.

If your filling is cracked, lost or otherwise causing you pain, call your dentist as they may be able to offer an emergency appointment in this instance.

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