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Fissure Sealants

Fissure Sealants, Melbourne

If you’re noticing grooves or pits in your teeth, you may require a fissure sealant procedure to avoid tooth decay.

Dental sealants (or fissure sealants) can be applied to the grooves of your teeth in a quick, painless process that is essential to avoid bacteria building up and causing decay. Sealants form a hard, protective coating that stops food from entering the grooves in the molars. Visit Toorak Dental Studio for all your general dentistry needs, as preventative and restorative measures to keep your oral hygiene at its optimal best.

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The experts at Toorak Dental Studio are passionate about providing industry-leading care and results, for a beautiful smile you can be proud of. Trusted in Melbourne for over 35 years, we specialise in offering high quality dental care to families in Toorak and nearby suburbs. Your visit to us will begin with a comfortable oral examination and professional teeth cleaning with our oral health therapist. Following this, we can assess whether you need fissure sealants, tooth fillings or something else.


Your questions about fissure sealants

Fissure sealants have been used in dentistry since the 1960’s, commonly to treat children from the age of 6 and then again at the age of 13, when new molars tend to erupt in the mouth. They’re also common in adults who have a history of pits and fissures in the teeth.

As technology in dentistry continues to evolve, so too do the processes involved in addressing dental fissures. Toorak Dental Studio is dedicated to delivering state-of-the-art dental care, and our patients can feel confident that they’re receiving the highest quality treatment for exceptional results.

Dental sealants are highly effective as a preventative measure against tooth decay. They work by filling in fissures in the teeth, with a sealant that hardens and becomes a shield - stopping food, plaque and bacteria from entering these grooves. 

While most sealants last years, they can fall off, and we recommend visiting your dentist every six months so we can make sure your dental sealants are still intact.

Dental sealants are a thin, safe coating on the teeth to prevent cavities from forming in the mouths of both children and adults. They’ve proven their effectiveness for more than 40 years, and are estimated to prevent 80% of cavities for up to two years after application.

They can stay in the mouth for up to nine years. For best results and to make sure your sealants are working as they should be, have them regularly checked by your dentist.

In most cases, there is no need to have your dental sealants professionally removed. Instead, they will wear away over time; after this occurs, patients can have new sealants applied if necessary. You can ensure your fissure sealants last longer by avoiding putting unnecessary pressure on your teeth - such as grinding or clenching.


If the tooth sealant is damaged or needs to be removed for any reason, this process can easily be done by your dentist or oral therapist using a scaling technique.

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Preventative dental care for the whole family

The fissure sealant procedure is simple and painless, and can be performed on adults and children from the age of 6 (or at the age their first molars emerge.) We offer a personal, friendly service to put young or even anxious patients at ease, and use only the most advanced machinery to minimise noise and discomfort. Your oral health therapist will be happy to answer any questions you may have, and talk you through the entire process.

The importance of regular check-ups

Even if you don’t have any symptoms, it’s important to visit your dentist for a check-up every six months, at a minimum. This will allow us to spot and diagnose any potential oral health issues before they grow into a bigger problem, such as tooth decay and tooth loss. If we recommend a fissure sealant at your check-up, we can do this within minutes and you won’t notice a change to the look or feel of your teeth.

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