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Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Teeth Removal, Melbourne

The growth of wisdom teeth can cause annoyance, pain and sensitivity - and often the best treatment is wisdom teeth removal.

As scary as that might sound, the wisdom teeth specialists at Toorak Dental Studio are some of Melbourne’s most highly trained in their field. We work within a state-of-the-art environment and provide leading care and exceptional results to our patients, with a stand-out personal service that puts you at ease and keeps your discomfort to a minimum.

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Having your wisdom teeth removed at TDS

Your wisdom teeth are the last to erupt within the mouth – and usually show up between the ages of 18 and 23. In most cases, they grow normally with minimal disruption, but sometimes, wisdom teeth removal is the only option. Like all of our general dentistry services, we provide leading care to make your visit as comfortable as possible, ensuring we treat painful teeth and carry out tooth extractions using advanced methods and innovative technology.


Wisdom Teeth FAQs

Many adults in Australia will need their wisdom teeth removed at some point in their life, but this procedure is not covered by Medicare. Some expenses may be covered if you have dental extras as part of your private health insurance, but generally people have to pay for wisdom teeth removal in Melbourne and across Australia.

At Toorak Dental Studio, we offer flexible, interest-free payment plans such as DentiCare to help cover the cost of your leading-quality dental care.

While not everyone will get wisdom teeth, most adults will have four that erupt in their late teens to early twenties - one in each corner of their mouth. Since most adults have 28 other teeth by this point, there’s often little space left for the wisdom teeth to grow.

This can cause them to emerge at an angle or only partially emerge; this is referred to as “impacted wisdom teeth”.

Wisdom teeth removal is not always painful, though the intensity of the discomfort depends on your individual threshold and the type of surgery that’s required. You may be able to opt for wisdom teeth removal under general anaesthetic, local anaesthetic or even sedation. 


Speak to your dentist at Toorak Dental Studio to discuss your options and rest assured we’ll take every precaution to minimise pain and make the treatment as comfortable as possible.

In most cases, having your wisdom teeth removed will not affect the look or shape of your face. These new teeth grow in the far back parts of your mouth, and the soft tissue structures around this area remain unchanged in the majority of cases.


Some patients may find that their face or jawline looks slimmer following extraction, though this could be down to swelling that occurred during emergence of the teeth, which subsides following the removal.

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We build tailored treatment plans for optimal outcomes.

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Interest-free payment plans such as DentiCare available.

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Book an appointment if you’re experiencing tooth pain

If you’re experiencing swollen or bleeding gums, pain in the teeth, gums or jaw, overcrowding, decay or cysts, this could signal that you need to see a wisdom teeth specialist. Wisdom teeth need to be removed when they’re impacted, which can lead to other problems around the mouth. Book an appointment at Toorak Dental Studio to find out if you need wisdom teeth removal in our Melbourne clinic.

Maximum care and comfort for our patients

Depending on the individual patient and the type of removal needed, it’s natural to feel some anxiety – especially if you require emergency wisdom teeth removal. Our main focus is on making sure our patients feel comfortable and cared for, so please let us know about your unique requirements and we’ll discuss multiple solutions to ease your anxiety.

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