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Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Teeth Removal, Melbourne


The growth of wisdom teeth can cause annoyance, pain and sensitivity - and often the best treatment is wisdom teeth removal.

As scary as that might sound, the wisdom teeth specialists at Toorak Dental Studio are some of Melbourne’s most highly trained in their field. We work within a state-of-the-art environment and provide leading care and exceptional results to our patients, with a stand-out personal service that puts you at ease and keeps your discomfort to a minimum.

Book an appointment if you’re experiencing tooth pain

If you’re experiencing swollen or bleeding gums, pain in the teeth, gums or jaw, overcrowding, decay or cysts, this could signal that you need to see a wisdom teeth specialist. Wisdom teeth need to be removed when they’re impacted, which can lead to other problems around the mouth. Book an appointment at Toorak Dental Studio to find out if you need wisdom teeth removal in our Melbourne clinic.

Maximum care and comfort for our patients

Depending on the individual patient and the type of removal needed, it’s natural to feel some anxiety – especially if you require emergency wisdom teeth removal. Our main focus is on making sure our patients feel comfortable and cared for, so please let us know about your unique requirements and we’ll discuss multiple solutions to ease your anxiety.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction at Toorak Dental Studio

Your wisdom teeth are the last to erupt within the mouth – and usually show up between the ages of 18 and 23. In most cases, they grow normally with minimal disruption, but sometimes, wisdom teeth removal is the only option. Like all of our general dentistry services, we provide leading care to make your visit as comfortable as possible, ensuring we treat painful teeth and carry out tooth extractions using advanced methods and innovative technology.


What are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are third molars that grow at the very back of the gums, are the last teeth to grow in human gums and commonly grow in your late teens and early twenties, though they can cause issues into your late twenties and early thirties.

Due to their late growth, wisdom teeth often cause pain and discomfort when they grow because all other 28 adult teeth are in place. This means there is often not enough room for the new teeth to grow, and thus they can grow at an angle or do not fully emerge through the gums - leading to possible need for emergency treatment.

As a result of the various complications that arise when they grow, wisdom teeth extraction is one of the most common procedures in Australia - but fear not, the wisdom teeth specialists at Toorak Dental Studio are some of Melbourne’s highest trained in their field.

When to get your wisdom teeth out

With a range of possible issues arising when wisdom teeth come through your gums, it’s difficult to know exactly when to seek out a dental specialist in order to commit to an extraction.

Thankfully, with our state-of-the-art facilities, we provide excellent care and exceptional results to our patients. Our stand-out personal service and expertise will put you at ease and minimise your discomfort.

Emerge partially through the gums

One such complication of a wisdom tooth coming through is that it only partially emerges through the gums, which can sometimes cause the gum to grow over the emerging tooth or for food and other bacteria to be trapped in the area.

If only part of the crown is visible, it means the tooth is partially impacted. A partially impacted wisdom tooth may then grow at an angle, causing severe discomfort and potential displacing of nearby teeth or growing towards the back of the mouth, either of which can add further complications.

Remain completely hidden within the gums

A wisdom tooth that is fully covered by the gums is known as an impacted wisdom tooth. An impacted wisdom tooth isn’t visible but can cause a range of issues and discomfort, including cavities and infection.

There are various types of wisdom tooth impaction that can cause problems, depending on what angle the wisdom tooth is growing in and whether it is impacted within the gum or whether it has erupted from the jawbone or not.

Sometimes an impacted wisdom tooth can cause no major issues, but if untreated there is a potential risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

Crowd nearby teeth

Another problem that may arise as part of your wisdom teeth grow, which could necessitate a wisdom tooth extraction, is that the growing molars crowd nearby teeth at the back of your mouth.

Tooth crowding could cause significant discomfort and pressure on nearby teeth, creating another range of potential problems such as tooth decay, infection and tooth damage - all of which could be alleviated or avoided if extraction is chosen.

Why Are Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Wisdom teeth removal may be necessary as a result of any of the above problems when the teeth erupt and grow through the gum. There are, however, other ways to relieve pain caused by wisdom teeth than removal.

Wisdom teeth are removed on a case-by-case basis, as each individual will experience differing levels of discomfort and potential complications - so it’s best to consult a specialist to find out the right choice for you.

Damage to other teeth

The teeth around the wisdom teeth in your mouth could experience damage if the larger third molar erupts too close, or grows at an angle toward your existing teeth. This could cause teeth to crack or crowd which would result in significant discomfort - meaning wisdom teeth removal is the right option.

Jaw damage

Wisdom teeth erupt from the jaw before they grow through your gums, which can be a painful process at times even if there are no related issues.

If your jaw isn’t large enough to accommodate your new wisdom teeth, there could be a greater risk of impaction or several other complications, such as cysts or benign tumours growing in your jaw.

Sinus issues

The upper wisdom teeth in particular grow close to the sinuses in your face and neck, which could cause a number of risks. For example, if you have an infection in your wisdom teeth, there’s a possibility it could spread to your sinuses and result in severe discomfort.

Sinus pain, pressure and headaches are all common issues that arise when wisdom teeth are growing - and if these issues become severe and repetitive, removal may be the best course of action.

Inflamed gums

Gums are a sensitive area for any person and can be at risk when wisdom teeth are growing. Impacted wisdom teeth, in particular, can cause tender gums, swelling and even bleeding when brushing or flossing your teeth.


Wisdom teeth are more prone to getting cavities, especially if they’re partially impacted. There’s a higher chance of bacteria getting stuck in the tooth area, which can cause tooth decay and eventually, cavities.

Sometimes wisdom teeth removal is the only way to avoid the issues that arise when cavities occur.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth Removal

Fully or partially impacted wisdom teeth come with their own range of problems and impacted removal, does, too. As a fully impacted wisdom tooth is completely covered by the gum, the procedure to remove it is a little more complicated.

While the procedure doesn’t necessarily cause more pain, an incision in the gum is necessary before proceeding to remove the tooth. Therefore, stitches are routinely used to close the wound after the extraction has taken place, and a slightly longer recovery time may be necessary.


How to Prepare to Remove Wisdom Teeth

Preparing for wisdom teeth removal may seem like a daunting prospect for many, but rest assured you will be in the best possible hands when it comes to our wisdom teeth specialists at Toorak Dental Studio.

  • Ensure you familiarise yourself with the procedure before attending your appointment, so you know what to expect when you arrive
  • Don’t eat or drink after midnight the night before your procedure
  • Make sure you’re healthy and hydrated in the days beforehand
  • Prepare your ride home from the surgery - this is especially important if you’re undergoing general anaesthetic, as you won’t be able to drive!
  • Plan your pain relief - you’ll need to manage your pain and discomfort after the procedure
  • Book a few days off work afterwards for recovery
  • Ensure you stock up on soft foods - you won’t be able to eat solid food for 3-4 days following surgery

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team and we’ll support you in any way we can.

What does Wisdom Tooth Removal Procedure Involve?

The wisdom teeth removal procedure is one of the most common procedures in Australia and follows quite a straightforward process, although it does depend on the type of anaesthetic used.

The procedure can involve local anaesthetic or general anaesthetic - while local will numb the affected area prior to the extraction, a general anaesthetic will put the patient to sleep while the surgery is completed.

  1. Either local or general anaesthetic is administered, numbing your mouth or gently putting you to sleep
  2. If necessary, an incision is made in the gum in order to better access the affected tooth
  3. Any bone blocking access to the tooth is removed
  4. If necessary, the wisdom tooth can be broken into two parts for an easier extraction
  5. Your wisdom tooth is removed
  6. The site of the removal is cleaned of any remaining tooth or bone
  7. Stitches applied where needed
  8. Gauze is placed over the site to stem any bleeding and allowing a blood clot to form
  9. If under general anaesthetic, you will be taken to a recovery room until you regain consciousness

Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgery

Wisdom teeth removal surgery will follow consultation with one of our wisdom teeth experts, where you can discuss any of your concerns and decide with our specialist what kind of anaesthetic would be best for your extraction.

As above, the process is fairly straightforward and the differences will depend on each individual case.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Without Surgery

In certain cases, wisdom teeth removal may be possible without surgery. What this means is that a surgical procedure is not fully necessary, and the wisdom tooth in question could be removed similarly to any regular tooth extraction.

If a wisdom tooth has erupted and is growing in a straight line, without impacting and without causing deeper damage within the gum or jawbone, there is a possibility it can be removed without surgery.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Recovery

Wisdom teeth removal recovery can vary from patient to patient and there may be minor alterations to your recovery depending on the type of extraction and how problematic your wisdom teeth have been.

However, generally the recovery is very similar across the board and it can take up to 2 weeks for a full recovery.

  • First 24 hours - blood clots will begin to form in the wound where the wisdom tooth was extracted
  • 2-4 days - some swelling may remain but you will see some improvement, and will be able to eat solid foods from day 4 onwards
  • 1 week - any stitches (if you’ve had them) may be removed
  • 7-10 days - any remaining jaw stiffness and aching should dissipate
  • 2 weeks - you should be as good as new with no further aches, stiffness or bruising

Avoiding things like caffeine, dairy, smoking and alcohol could all help aid recovery time and prevent any further issues from arising. If you are unsure on anything, as always you can contact our team and we will always be pleased to help address any concerns or questions you have.

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