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Dental Implants

Dental Implants, Melbourne

Missing or damaged teeth affect the aesthetics and function of your mouth, but with dental implants, you can achieve a natural, long-lasting solution.

While we’re committed to restoring and treating natural teeth, dental implants are a popular treatment in restorative dentistry when this is no longer possible. We believe your smile should boost your confidence and help you achieve the lifestyle you want, and we can help improve your overall appearance with teeth implants from Melbourne’s experienced dentists.


Quality teeth implants for long-lasting results

Designed to fill gaps left by missing or extremely damaged teeth, dental implants can restore uniformity to the mouth and help with associated functional conditions. The prosthetic teeth are implanted into the gum using titanium materials, which acts as a stable root for your new tooth. They’re a popular choice when the tooth is damaged past the point of restoration from a crown or onlay, and create a natural appearance that can be permanent when properly cared for.


Dental implants FAQs

Dentist implants (or tooth implants) are titanium roots that are surgically positioned into the bones that support the gum. They’re designed to provide support for artificial teeth and make a great alternative to dentures, with options for single and multiple implants.

Implants look and feel natural, and most people won’t even notice you’ve got them in. Since they’re fused to the bone, teeth implants are permanent, comfortable and won’t affect eating or talking.

Traditionally, the installation of dental implants is a multiple-step process that takes place over the course of a couple of weeks. Most patients can expect a process similar to this one:

  1. An oral examination that assesses bone density and space in the mouth
  2. Checking that the surrounding gums are healthy and preparing the area where the tooth is missing
  3. The titanium screw is inserted
  4. A healing cap is placed on the screw for a number of weeks, while the dental crown is prepared
  5. Once the tailored crown is sent by the laboratory (approximately a two-week process), it can replace the healing cap

Some dentists offer one-day implants, though there are some risks associated with these. Make an appointment with your dental professional to find out if you’re a good candidate.

Not all insurance policies cover dental implants, but if you have an extras policy that includes major dental work, then you may be able to offset some of the cost of dental implants by making a claim.

Check with your insurer before having any kind of dental work done to find out what the terms and conditions are, and what you can expect to pay out-of-pocket.

Dental implants are a type of restorative technique, but aren’t covered by a particular field of specialism, meaning that a general dentist can carry them out. 

Always seek qualified dentists with the appropriate accreditations to ensure you’re receiving the highest levels of care and results. More complex cases - such as bite complications, depleted bones and multiple missing teeth - may require the attention of a specialist. We work closely with the top specialists in Melbourne to help you achieve the best results.

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Are you a good candidate?

We offer a range of teeth implants in our Melbourne studio, including conventional dental implants, immediate implants and bone grafts for dental implants if necessary. We can determine if you’re a good candidate for any of our restorative treatments following an initial consultation, X-rays and oral examination.

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